For the re-launch of Apeiron. featuring our first cover shoot , it seemed fitting to highlight the uniqueness of the Millennial and Gen Z generations (Next Gen) and the individuals that make it. After all, it’s in the slogan.

Our individualism is what makes the next gen so special: We boldly pursue what makes us different, to create a new world that suits us, in a setting that is ever-changing thanks to globalisation and the wide-reaching platform that is social media. We have a strong sense of what’s right, what’s wrong and a strong sense of responsibility to change what we do not like, or see as out-dated.

‘We are not scared of creating, of innovation, of pushing boundaries’

But likewise, individualism can be toxic in large doses because it can be practiced to a degree that erases onus. It means we occasionally alienate one another. We are upset, being the generation made to fix and atone for our predecessors’ actions and the effects thereof. Rightly so. But having the power to change things, as we have done so already, is a gift too, which can be used to create the world we want to live in. And we have shown that we are not scared of creating, of innovation, of pushing boundaries.

It’s an interesting conundrum that brings up the theme of balance; something that has become more and more necessary in our modern world, where stress, anxiety and depression are common symptoms of an unbalanced life.

‘The message is there: we have had enough, and together we are going to change things’

The power of learning and unlearning is something we can all own- and it’s effects in unison is widely rippling. Just look at how our current political and social climates have changed so drastically in the past 5 years; from non-conforming gender identities going mainstream, to feminism being worn proudly on a t-shirt, to the formation of key anti-racism movements. The message is there: we have had enough, and together we are going to change things. But we can only do this by questioning the boundaries we put upon each other and ourselves, and by balancing between talking to, and listening to, one another.

Each individual featured on our cover highlighted something that makes them who they are, and that challenges the perceptions of who they are. I hope you find their stories liberating, that their words make you think, or feel less alone, and inspire you to be whoever the fuck YOU are proudly. See the full stories and shoots here:

#IAM… Divine / Art / Transparent / More

Viva the restless generation, viva the individualist, and viva collaboration.


Zoya Pon