This month’s collaborators:


Digital artist.

Created the stunning images you see on our website for the Apeiron. relaunch.

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Triple threat: Photographer, writer and actor.

Shot our first cover!



Featured on our cover.

‘I believe that we are all blessed with gifts and we have to use those gifts for the betterment of all human kind, and I believe that I was blessed with these gifts and so must use them for the money lol jk, for the betterment of all human kind.’

Me in 5 words: Singer/Actor/Rapper/drag kween/spiritual medium

What wakes me up every morning: The bird nest outside my window

3 words:  Confusing. Entertaining. Weird-funny-not-haha-funny



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Her artpop really could mean anything

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Featured on our cover.

‘I want to help my community heal our wounded state.’

You in 5 words: Full-time psychology student

My perfect day: A combination of seeing my close friends and eating something delicious

Little known fact: I’m an avid gamer

3 words: moon healing escalation


Featured on our cover.

‘I believe anything and everything you do can only bring you true satisfaction if it’s through the intention of helping others. Every time I’m in a position to help or inspire someone, it in turn allows me to do the same for myself.’

Me in 5 words: Assist / Create / Uplift / inspire / Heal

My perfect day: On the seat of my bicycle, navigating the cityscape or nature with good music and good vibes.

What wakes me up every morning: The thought of experiencing something or someone new that might completely change the way I see the world!

3 words: Harry Potter Fanatic