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Apeiron. editor and founder.

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Your girl for @office_london 👟✨💋

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You in 3 words: Up to something.

Weird/fun fact: I swear a lot.

What wakes you up: 1 alarm after approximately 3 snoozes. I love sleeping.

Your perfect day: Would be longer, and start with coffee, writing up inspiring pitches, publishing a piece on Apeiron., submitting a piece for a publication, a photoshoot, the beach, dinner with friends and drinks. Alas I’m only one person and there are only 24 hours in a day. I’m grateful af to do what I love for a living.

Cause you are most passionate about: Race issues and politics. As a biracial person, I have always been interested, passionate about, and especially aware of race issues. My interest in social issues in general is what inspired the inception of Apeiron.


Apeiron. social media intern.

5 quick questions

You in 3 words: Buccaneer, seer, poet.

Weird/fun fact: My hips are double jointed.

What wakes you up: Experiences that make me go all poetic! Anything I can get romantic or emotional about and spend some time thinking about dreamily.

Your perfect day: Includes great hair, wine and a good book.

Cause you are most passionate about: Giving women a voice and abolishing traditional restrictive gender roles.

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Apeiron. editorial intern.

You in 3 words: “So It Goes”

Weird/fun fact:  When I was a kid, I spent hours drawing comics and silly narratives. From mystical forests, to an underwater mermaid metropolis, the inside of a fridge and a bouncy house – I glued together drawings until I had a massive roll-up of drawings that spanned an entire room when spread out.

What wakes you up: My cat screaming at me for her breakfast.

Cause you are most passionate about: I’m extremely passionate about all causes related to human and animal rights. I’m totally “that guy” at parties. Justice for all.

Pet peeve: It’s so hard to just name one…does that make me cynical?

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Rebecca is a regular contributor to Apeiron., most recently writing the feature ‘The common party habit destroying the environment and communities.

5 quick questions:

You in 3 words:  Work in progress 😉

Weird/fun fact: I’m the third Reiki practitioner in my family and I was attuned (qualified) by my Grandpa.

What wakes you up:  Five alarms set at precisely 5 minute intervals, then coffee.

Your perfect day:  Yoga and/or meditation, vintage shopping, loved ones, beer, time with my guitar, little to no anxiety .

Pet peeve: Ignorance.


Writer and musician, Arlin, writes the Millennial Memoir column and interviewed The Brother Moves On and Morena Leraba for us.

You in 3 words: Strange, Queer and Dated.

Weird/fun fact: I’m mildly addicted to impulsive tattoos.

What wakes you up: Right now? A cup of coconut coffee & WAX by KT Tunstall.

Your perfect day: I’m near the beach, there’s Joni Mitchell on the record player, and no reason to wear shoes all day.

Pet peeve: Pretentious obscurantism – ironically.


Nothing is off-limits for columnist, and general mystery, Etienne, who shares their view on well, everything, twice a month in Etienne on Everything.


You in 3 words: Philosopher, pajama child.

Weird/fun fact: I dream in French. I am not French.

What wakes you up: knowing I have another day to look at art.

Your perfect day: Pondering my existential dread, whiskey and maybe stroking a cat or two?

Pet peeve: My own self deprecating jokes ha …


Shares her experience and tips on coping with, general anxiety disorder in ‘An anxiety self-help checklist‘ and ‘The difference between anxiety and worry‘.

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