About Apeiron.

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Interested. Informed. Individual.

Apeiron. provides a platform for creatives via collaboration. Our aim is to encourage and inspire aspiring writers and artists to share their voices and passions.

Moreover it serves as a filter for youth on topics that directly interest and affect us. We give you news, views and information to inspire you and give you the tools to interpret your own opinion and beliefs. At the center of Apeiron. is integrity; a common thread reflected in our content is a strong desire to enact change by only endorsing socially conscious, relevant brands and projects.

‘Apeiron’ (ἄπειρον) is a Greek word meaning “unlimited,” “infinite”, or “indefinite”. It’s a word that embodies our personal and united capacity for potential, change and growth.

Apeiron. is for the restless generation that seeks to stay informed, engage and enact constructive change in an ever-evolving and dynamic world.

-Zoya Pon, editor


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