F*cking Fantastic: Not Your Average Model Agency.

In 2016 Apeiron. chatted to stylist, model and casting director Fani Segerman in our feature Are We Beginning To Redefine Mainstream Beauty? . Since then, Segerman has gone on to launch her own modeling agency, The Fantastic Agency and the trend towards relatable over unattainable, and different over generic has grown massively. Shunning height, weight and traditional requirements, Fantastic models are a celebration of our uniqueness and individuality, smashing fashion and beauty standards and proving that different is damn good, to offer a board that is distinctly relevant and fresh with ‘no boxes, no labels.’

We chat to Segerman about how far the industry has come since our original feature, TFA highlights and her tips for aspiring models.

What inspired the Fantastic Agency?

After working as a stylist, model, casting director and scout over the past ten years, starting my own agency felt like a natural progression, and perhaps what everything else had prepared me for.

As a casting director, my specialty is Street Casting, and it’s what most clients are looking for. It made sense to me to create an agency in this vein, with only fresh faces I had scouted online and around town. I wanted to give models who were “too short” or “not marketable” the opportunity they deserve. And I think Cape Town has so much untapped talent that this agency was necessary to showcase a lot of it.

We chatted in 2016 about the changing face of fashion, and here we are- things have changed, and continue to. What is important now?

I think what is happening right now, which is so exciting, is that the industry is really changing gears and focusing on what is real and relevant right now. And the focus is on authentic, unique and diverse faces.

The standard height, weight and look requirements are becoming irrelevant, slowly but surely. Models no longer have to fit neatly within these boxes, they can completely break the mould.

What are the challenges you have faced?

The challenges we have faced come with the territory of starting anything new in this city [Cape Town]. It takes a lot of hard work and focus, and what’s important is to stick to your goals and maintain your vision. Luckily for us, the reception to Fantastic has been incredible.

What are highlights so far?

The highlights have been the press features we’ve had- The Sunday Times, Bubblegum Club, SAFM and Nataal Media. These are publications I hugely respect and look up to, so them giving us the nod was huge for me!

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What are your tips for models who want to join/aspiring models outside of the ‘norm’?

I think the most important thing is not to give up. There might be rejection from agencies, but it’s all about upholding your confidence in your looks and ability, and working hard to find the right agency for you. There are so many really amazing agencies in South Africa, I do feel that there is a home for everyone.

Internationally and locally, which models are on your radar rn?

Locally, all of the Fantastic faces. I am so excited about my models breaking into the industry, and the work we are doing and will hopefully continue to do.

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