This is How Bad 8 Cheaters Actually Felt After Being Forgiven.


Cheating. A touchy subject that easily divides a room. Most recently demonstrated in anyone’s attitude when Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson come up.

If you were without signal on a remote island over the past month- well lucky you- you might have missed the big news that Khloe’s soon to be baby-daddy (And now actual baby-daddy) Tristan was caught cheating, just before the birth of their first child (named True, BTW).

Twitter was not having it. At. All:

But now that the dust has settled, the internet is even more outraged, and defensive, than we were originally as it has come to light that Khloe has forgiven Tristan.

Yes, forgiven him.

Apparently this decision has divided the Kardashian/Jenner clan. And while you may be empathetic to Tristan’s cause, having maybe experienced the situation yourself – as the cheatee or the cheater- or incensed as the perfect model of monogamy, it’s nevertheless interesting to ask the question: Does a forgiven cheating partner actually feel sorry for their actions?

These 8 Reddit users came clean, with the help of anonymity:


1)’I cheated on a long term girlfriend multiple times. We were definitely incompatible and things wouldn’t have worked out regardless, but I feel terrible about it. Not only did I hurt her, it messed with me mentally and changed me as a person. I hated seeing her cry and knowing it was all just because I was horny, and now I have trouble trusting anyone. I always thought I could never cheat, and now in my mind, if I could do it then anyone could. Overall, definitely not worth [it].’

‘I’m lucky she kept me, she had every right to leave me there but she decided to stay’

2) ‘When the cat was out of the bag and I fessed up to what I had done, her reaction was heart wrenching, it honestly literally felt like something shattered in me and we slowly drifted apart. I regret it still and don’t fully forgive myself for going so low.’

3) ‘At the time I didn’t feel bad because I felt my SO deserved it but now I know I should’ve done things differently. No one deserves to be cheated on and I’m disgusted by it now.’

4) ‘Yes, It may not have been physical (sexting) but I regretted it and broke it off shortly after, girlfriend found out about it some time later from the girl. Makes my stomach churn every time I think about it. I’m lucky she kept me, she had every right to leave me there but she decided to stay. I love you, morgan, and I’m sorry for fucking up.’


5) ‘I never asked for it, I was never given it, and I don’t deserve it. But I don’t regret it, as bad as that sounds. No one was permanently damaged, and every party was made into a better person because of it. We had a very unusual case though. And it got me out of an abusive relationship.’

‘It definitely taught me that I need to learn to speak up if I’m unhappy’

6) ‘If sorry means that I learned my lesson and didn’t do it again, then I can’t say that I was. I cheated with 12 different people on a boyfriend I didn’t want to be with instead of breaking up with him. I really enjoyed all the cheating moments, though, and remember them fondly. It has been five years and I am with someone else now, and I still think about how badly it reflects on my character, often. But I really enjoyed my sexual experiences, if I’m being honest.’

7) ‘This is the reason why my current relationship and all future ones will not be exclusive, and I can be honest with my partners about wanting to sleep with other people.’

8) ‘I’ve cheated on almost every boyfriend I’ve had, except for my current SO. It was mostly me not being satisfied in my relationships, and not knowing how to vocalize it. I wouldn’t say I look back fondly on the cheating, but it definitely taught me that I need to learn to speak up if I’m unhappy.’

While most users said yes, the ones who said no generally were no longer in the relationship. The common thread being that those who felt bad, were more willing to try to make it work after, and those who did not, simply ended it.



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