Hip-Hop as a musical genre is rooted in its subversive sound and anti-establishment, counter-culture essence.  Recent times have seen more artists succumbing to the commercial pressures of the industry, moving away from spreading messages of struggle and instead sending messages of excess.. But rappers like YoungstaCPT (real name Riyadh Roberts) is making waves with his unapologetic and raw Cape Town-focused sound and lyrics.




While many local artists struggle to attain real depth to their music, often bending to American mainstream music trends, Youngsta does not submit to the same influences. By contrast, his music remains true to his own identity, and thus to a large portion of the youth in Cape Town that is mostly overlooked by mainstream channels.

‘Youngsta does not submit to American mainstream music trends’

His authenticity and resistance to conformist culture awarded him a spot on the line-up of Boiler Room x Ballantine’s True Music Africa tour – a project committed to fostering and supporting underground artists across Africa who stay true to their work regardless of the challenges they face in doing so. The event will travel to Cameroon, Nairobi and then culminate with the True Music Forum in July 2018 in Johannesburg so stay tuned!


Boiler Room x Ballantine’s Scotch Whiskey launched on 23 November at The Shred in Cape Town and included other boundary-pushing artists: K$, Dope Saint Jude, Aux Wamdansto and DJ Lyle.

Fresh off the plane from Australia, after his #internationalnaaieraustour2017 , YoungstaCPT took to the stage. The pulse of hip-hop pumped through the warehouse as he performed his highly energetic, in-your-face-Capetonian set with the passion of a true artist.



His magnetism is obvious, and for all the right reasons; not only is he a genuine, uber-talented hip hop artist, but YoungstaCPT is a bona fide messenger for the Capetonian, and South African, youth.


Words: Rebecca Cheeseman