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Here’s what to expect from THE NAKED AND FAMOUS at #RTD2017.

Alternative/indie rock and pop lovers alike rejoice!

If you’ve ever heard the Naked and Famous you are likely to recall 2010 hits ‘Young Blood’ or maybe even ‘Punching in a Dream’. The two singles won the New Zealand indie electronic band the NME Phillip Hall Radar Award, off their debut studio album, Passive Me, Aggressive You.

TNAF enjoy a somewhat balance between mainstream fame and a yet-to-be-discovered quality – being ‘unknown’ enough to claim a certain ‘cool’ status among passionate indie/rock lovers; Something they share with similar bands like M83, MGMT and Foster the People (the last two of which have already graced the Daisies mainstage in previous years).

Since then, TNAF have released 2 more studio albums, In Rolling Waves (2013) and latest, Simple Forms which they will be treating our ears to with their first SA visit at Rocking The Daisies 2017. Alternative/indie rock and pop lovers alike rejoice.

Here’s what you can expect to hear:

The band (MEMBERS: Alisa Xayalith [vocals, keyboards], Thom Powers [vocals, guitars], Aaron Short [keyboards], David Beadle [bass] andJesse Wood [drums]) is hitting up both RTD and OppiKoppi:

SIDE NOTE: The Naked and Famous got their name from  the song ‘Tricky Kid’  by Tricky, an English artist, who sings “everybody wants to be naked and famous”, quoting band, The Presidents of the United States of America’s song “Naked and Famous”.

This is one not to be missed!



Feature image: via Facebook