CRUSHING ON: SEA LEMON Intimate Apparel.

SEA LEMON Intimate Apparel’s Instagram is lingerie heaven.
If you, like myself, are a lacy bralette fan, and part of the “itty bitty titty committee”* (as designer, Michelle Hean, puts it), welcome to SEA LEMON’s beautiful locally designed and handmade, to order (that’s right, TO ORDER) lingerie.

NEW: R200- 
Available in white and floral 
R150 scalloped pantie bottoms

Apeiron. spoke to the designer, Michelle, to find out more + where to get your hands on these lovely pieces:
“Custom, handmade bralettes for women who embrace their fierce, beautiful bodies. Every woman on planet Earth has her own wonderful and unique body shape and SEA LEMON Intimate Apparel’s central goal is for women to be comfortable and ecstatic when they put on their intimate apparel in the morning.”


SEA LEMON is a very young up and coming brand- designing since March 2017.
SEA LEMON [is] growing into something magical as well as backing strong independent females doing it for themselves.

R200 -Available in ROSE GOLD (pictured) and variety of black laces.
R150 -Scalloped high waist bottoms only available in black

Being part of the “itty bitty titty committee” I was tired of wearing uncomfortable, underwire, awful padded bras everyday- mainly because I was wearing the wrong size. It’s quite a daunting and uncomfortable experience having a complete stranger taking one of your most intimate measurements.
80% of women wear the incorrect bra size. 
"A girl and her bed on Sundays are an endless love affair". Spend your Sunday in one of our gorgeous Kaleidoscope Eyes bralettes. This red on black combo might just be our favourite😍💋 #bralette #bra #lingerie #mesh #red #sunday #kaleidoscopeeyes #sundayfeels #love #black #fashion #southafrica #madeinsouthafrica #handmade #bespoke #custommade -visit our Facebook page to see more 💋 xx 📷@bahamaburgundyblog

R300- Available in White on White, black on black, Red on black, as well as choose your nude and embroidered colour.  

Consumers provide us with their cup size [and] waist measurement (find a size chart on their Facebook page). All bralettes are handmade from start to finish as well as made to order.
Your SEA LEMON bralette is one of a kind made to fit your body beautifully. 
[Beautiful materials are a] major inspiration to me- how it feels on the skin, what type of material it is, colour fabrics, embroidered fabrics, etc.
It's been pretty cold outside today❄❄. Here's a quick sneak peak at SEA LEMON'S winter range•● This midnight blue velvet might just be our favourite colour. Keep your eyes on our page for more!♡ •● End of season sale is almost over! 25% off all bralettes*

R200- available in beige, rose gold, berry red, emerald green, midnight blue (pictured) and black

I’d like to think that South Africans are starting to realize the immense talent that local designers have. So much of what we wear [from retail stores] is mass-manufactured, and quite frankly, rubbish quality.
By supporting local designers.. consumers are helping create jobs, educating the youth- helping them learn a new skill set, lessening the pollution in our oceans (yes people, this is a real epidemic), enriching our land.
Wouldn’t it be magical if we all only wore Proudly South African brands?! We are our own future and man, I’d love for it to happen one day, soon.
Monochromatic vibes on this Friyay. Also, a sneaky peak at our satin winter range in beige 😍❄💋🍂 ●• Yay for a public holiday! ♡♡ enjoy it babes, who said white can't be sexy ●• #monochromatic #white #beige #bralette #sealemonintimateapparel #winterrange #winterfashion #flatlay #fashion
You can find their range (and order via):
You can also find their bralettes at Portobello Road in Kenilworth, Cape Town. 
SEA LEMON is partnering with the VIP Room in Jo’burg for A Lacy Affair on the 24th June.
Post a photo to Insta or FB with the hashtags #ALACYAFFAIR @theviproomsandton and @sealemon_ia to win your own custome made bralette.
Words: Zoya Pon
Images: Instagram/provided