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How Independent Magazines Are Reviving Print + Titles To Know.

How millennial creatives behind independent magazines are changing the game of print.

A sigh of relief for paper-lovers, and ‘print is dead’ refuters: Young publishers, writers and designers are redefining magazines, refreshing print’s relevance and changing the reasons millennials buy magazines.

No doubt, mainstream magazines were once fashion, beauty and info bibles. Magazines thrived on relevance, being on the pulse of fashion and beauty trends, cultural/social topics and breaking news. Most importantly, mainstream magazines held the key to an exclusive just-out-of-reach-except-on-paper world.

Is the internet to blame for the slow death of words on paper? One great article, by The Guardian, poses an interesting perspective- when a title has a thriving internet audience, it’s print audience will correlate. Are titles that neglect the influence of online’s ability to create loyal followers, the ones to crumble? Could a contributing factor be an inability of magazines to deliver news and trends as fast as a click? The cause remains a debatable topic.

One thing is for sure: The way millennials consume, and what we do with, information has changed. We want information as soon as it’s ready. We want to make trends, we want to influence them as opposed to having them dictated. We want to be inspired, not be given a standard to live to. In short, we have more control over what we buy, believe and endorse.

To go with that, we want a publication, a brand, that caters to our interests and represents our lifestyle of choice. A tribe, so to speak. Independent magazines (generally defined where a company publishes only one title, and for a niche market) know that the key is no longer relevance, it’s staying power. They are also given the freedom to explore without fear of alienating a certain demographic/market- they can experiment as much as they like, without limits, on images and content.

The creatives behind titles like (biggies) Dazed & ConfusedOyster, (and newbies) OE , YOUTH, The Travel Almanac , The Editorial and Toilet Paper (to name a few), are focusing on producing a beautiful, palpable aesthetic, with timeless information and content that fits the individual’s interests, instead of selling brands, lifestyles, products and trends to them-  All wrapped up under a beautiful cover, printed across matte pages, and preluding a well-thought editor’s note.

These magazines are for keeping, and print is here to stay.