A Nude Underwear Range That ACTUALLY Suits Your Skintone.

Gugu Intimates has launched a new underwear collection and it’s not your usual frills and lace. It’s actually very practical: seamless bras, thongs and briefs… in varying shades of nude. Something that is very necessary- And more than overdue.

The word nude in this case, is defined, by the Oxford dictionary as:

“Denoting or relating to clothing or makeup that is of a color resembling that of the wearer’s skin.”

When the term ‘nude’ comes to mind, most of us are guilty of assuming the usual shade of “a pinkish-beige colour”. The colour ‘nude’, when referring to skintone, as it often is, is validated by everything from the colour name of our foundation, to lipgloss to yes, underwear.


Yet thus far, the fashion industry, and fairer skinned public, have seemed to forget that that shade of pinkish-beige does not suit everyone’s skintone. A majority of women are left without an option- women who also require an item of clothing, namely underwear, to blend into their skin tone.

Designer, Gugu Nkabinde ‘s underwear range, encompassing 5 shades to suit African women, seeks to address this lack of supply. Says the designer, “..the term nude is largely still racist and exclusionary.”

Gugu went a step further in defining what ‘nude’ means to African women, by naming each colour with a word that relates to beauty in an African language- refreshingly not after an adjective for something light brown and edible (honey, caramel, chocolate..).

The response from social media has been massively positive with Tweets like:

Hurry! Pre-orders close tomorrow.

See the Gugu Intimates range here.