Womens March: The Best Signs Across The World.

Donald Trump is one of the (if not the) most unpopular presidents in American history. It’s true.

Statistics aside, it is clear judging simply from the women’s march that took place across the world on Saturday (if you were still in doubt).


More than a million women marched  in America alone, following Donald Trump’s inauguration. This number excludes the main march in the the US capital, Washington DC.

Women around the world joined, with marches in London, Paris, Berlin and also South Africa (yass) ..


A representation by CNN of the various march locations.

The most telling statement is a comparison between the number of people who marched against the 45th US president (and who appeared at previous president, Barack Obama’s inauguration) (but anyway…), compared to the amount of people who celebrated his inauguration on Friday (20th Jan).


Trumps’ inaguaration ‘crowd’ compared to Obama’s in 2009. / CNN

This comparison has been rebuked by Trump supporters, however they are not crowd scientists, and one crowd scientist estimated that the march in Washington alone outnumbered his inauguration crowd by 3 times.



When you have this many women come together you can truly see the power women- and the people- hold, when united. It’s there for everyone to see, women are enforcing their democratic power. The power every citizen holds to object to government- be it a bill or indeed, a president.


People came together and formed the largest inaugural protest in American history.

Yes, guys, it was not just white, straight women.

This march was not only a display of female opposition to inequality, it was a march of solidarity of and for women. A heartening indication of the progress of gender equality.

But still, even taking into consideration non-female and non-white protesters, there are still many, many more people/groups who were not represented (in whole). There’s more.

So where to from here?

Perhaps we can adopt Ani DiFranco’s sentiment below..

Feature image via: twitter.com/madis_om