ART: Digital Artist Lorenzo Plaatjies Takes On Pop Culture and Hedonism

Stumbling across Lorenzo Plaatjies’ Instagram account I was taken back by his artwork. Lorenzo’s work forces me to take an objective, tongue in cheek look at current pop culture.

From Adidas-branded bread, to a woman holding a phone between her legs, the artworks are arresting, because of their relevance.

A uniform combination of pink, Lorenzo has created a signature style- and it’s not even his day job. ‘I’ve never studied art or drawing’, says the Vega student, currently studying creative brands communication.

But why pink? “I use pink a lot in my work because throughout most of my life I’ve been challenging the traditional perceptions of what a man should be like, like the idea that the color pink is off limits for guys.”

Lorenzo’s website does not let one down visually, either. The website is based on Windows 1995, and is displayed as a desktop to explore. It’s this niche for tongue in cheek imagery confronting current trends and topics that make Lorenzo’s work stand out.

What inspires him? An interest in exploring the idea of hedonism. The search for pleasure above all is undeniably deeply embedded in our social and online culture.

Lorenzo says he strives to visually represent the relationship between pleasure and pain in his work. “The most interesting and beautiful things always combine some form of pleasure and pain.”

Lorenzo is inspired by surrealism paintings. But digital remains his favourite art medium. “I feel like its so democratic and cheap- you don’t need to buy brushes, or canvas and paint you work anywhere and create almost anything at no cost. ”

It seems only natural that his most admired artist is Kanye West- an embodiment of pop culture himself. “[He] really blocks out the noise and isn’t influenced by what people like or think, because those things fluctuate. [Whatever he creates] always happens to influence culture.”

Celeste Mountjoy, Aykut Aydogdu, and Malik Trips are other artists he admires.

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What’s next for him? ” I have an exhibition coming in up in march 2017, as well as a mobile game based on my work coming out in 2017.”

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