Which Of The 37 New Tinder Genders Do You Identify With?

Following their launch last month of a new photo algorithm* proven to up your chances of pulling, Tinder continued their roll last week by adding 37 new gender options to help you present yourself in the most genuine way possible.

Tinder thanked their “transgender and gender non-nonconforming users”, Nick Adams and Alex Schmider from GLAAD’s Transgender Media Program, and filmmaker and trans advocate Andrea James for their input in formulating the new feature. The company said, “This is just one step in our efforts to make Tinder a more inclusive community.”

*The new Smart Photos is an algorithm that susses your top photo.The idea behind it is that people are not good at personally choosing the best photos of themselves. The app reorders your photos by the most popular (most clicked/swiped right) thereby decreasing the chances of being swiped left at first glance. To activate, go to ‘edit profile’ and tap ‘Smart Photos’ option.

We decided to take the opportunity to use the new gender options as a crash course on gender terms. Whether you identify or not,the extensive list (and above video) should tell you something about why this move was so necessary:



Female to Male (FTM) / Male to Female(MTF) – Person in the process of transitioning gender.

Gender Nonconforming- A person who does not follow gender norms as set by society, physically or mentally.

Agender– User does not conform to any gender.

Neutrois- Considered a neutral gender, similar to agender.

Gender Fluid- Person whose gender changes over time, who identifies as either male or female or both at any given time in physical appearance.

Androgyne- A person who fits physical characteristics of both male and female. They may be intersex (possessing both sex parts).

Androgynous- Describes a masculine and feminine appearance. Otherwise known as gender ambiguity.

Gender Questioning- A person in the process of exploring their gender label.

Pangender- A person who identifies as all genders. Similar to genderqueer.

Genderqueer or Non-binary- A person who does not conform to gender restrictions, identifying as neither, both or a combination.

Bigender- People who have two gender identities.

Transgender (Trans) Person/Woman/Man- Person who identifies with the opposite gender identity of their sex.

Transfeminine- A person of the male sex who identifies as female.

Transmasculine- A person of the female sex who identifies as male.

Transsexual- A person who has had sexual reassignment surgery.


Deconstructing transgenderism and gender in 2016.

Term definition source: Newsweek