Being Drunk & Irresponsible Is No Longer Just A Guy Thing: Study Shows Women Drink Almost As Irresponsibly.

When our foremothers fought for equal gender rights, we doubt they envisioned this as a product of equality. But we guess the point of equality is that it doesn’t discriminate.

Men drink more and therefore indulge in more irresponsible behaviour as a result. This is not just a generalization. Multiple studies have confirmed this to the point where insurance for women is generally lower than for men.

Now a meta-analysis shows that the gap between the likeliness of excessive drinking and irresponsible behaviour between genders is decreasing drastically. The study of studies on the subject, led by Tim Slade of the University of New South Wales, seeked to track the change in ratios between male-to-female  “indicators of alcohol use and related harms.” The team found, after gathering data from 68 studies, a “linear decrease over time in the sex ratio for all 3 categories of alcohol use and related harms (any alcohol use, problematic alcohol use and alcohol-related harms).

The paper published in BMJ Open showed that men born in the early 1900s were 2 times more likely than women to consume alchol, 3 times more likely to drink irresponsibly and 3.6 times more likely to be injured as a result of intoxication.

Of men and women born in the late 1900s we see the gap between men and women close quite significantly with men being only 1.1 times more likely to drink alcohol and 1.2 times more likely to do it irresponsibly as well as 1.3 times more likely to experience injury as a result of intoxication.

We’re not sure if we women won in this regard or not, but it is interesting to see how the broadening of social gender norms and living in a more egalitarian society has affected things as unexpected as our drinking habits.

We think this is one thing we’re more than okay with men taking the crown for, though.

Feature illustration by The Moon Bacon.