Halloween Idea: This Kid Dressed As A Thief To Represent ‘White Culture’.

Bet you wish your school was this woke.

At 17, Josh Welch has a better sense of humour than most of the ‘adults’ I know. Not only can Josh seperate his sense of individuality and a sense of social responsibility, but he can also take the shit out of himself. And perhaps, you.

On his school’s Culture Day, Josh shared a photo of him and a classmate on Twitter:

Josh says he dressed as a thief to refer to white people’s history of stealing, wiping out and appropriating other cultures. “I consider myself [an] advocate for social justice, and I wanted to make a bold statement about ‘white culture,’so I decided to use humor to get my point across”, he told the Huffington Post, “but I never imagined it could be this ubiquitous.”

How did everyone take this?  Josh’s post on Twitter received a lot of retweets and likes with the obligatory backlash, although he says that’s “been overshadowed by the positive comments.”

And at school? “Being at a predominantly liberal school, everyone thought it was hilarious.”

We appreciate the originality and thought behind the costume. But somehow we still predict a wave of Harley Quinns to descend upon us come Halloween. Meet us at the bar, playing our Halloween 2016 drinking game: a shot for every Quinn we see.