This Is What Brock Turner Missed While He Was In Jail

Stanford rapist, Brock Turner was released from jail, after serving only three months of his six month sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman on campus.

Brock was released on account of good behaviour.

The decision has sparked international outrage. One video by Vox explains the statistics of rape in America and on campuses and attempts to clue Brock in on what he missed, in those three months. One of them being that the judge who handed the sentence has refused to continue hearing criminal cases after 1.3 million people signed a petition for him to be recalled. While Brock was in jail, 75 000 American women were raped.

Another thing that happened was that Brock’s court case has encouraged California to pass a new bill making prison sentences mandatory for cases of sexual assault wherein the victim is unconscious or unable to consent. That’s right, current California law only requires prison time for ‘those convicted of rape using additional physical force.’ California law doesn’t define what Turner did as ‘rape’ because Turner did not penetrate the victim with his penis.

‘If we let a rapist off with probation and little jail time, we re-victimize the victim, we dissuade other victims from coming forward, and we send a message that sexual assault of an incapacitated victim is just no big deal,’ Assemblyman Bill Dodd said, when presenting the bill.

Turner faced 14 years in prison, requested to serve 6 years, and was handed 6 months and served 3 months.

By Zoya Pon for Marie Claire SA.