ONE TO WATCH: Ruby Gill’s New Video For ‘Fault (Lost In Japan)’.

We get to know Ruby Gill - a melodic paradox of soft-spoken and powerful .

Following her Cape Town tour with Not Those Girls events, Ruby has released her music video for her single, Fault (Missing In Japan). The video features a couple running through a forest, starting back to back and then running away from each other.

‘It’s a little bit about running away from what’s bad, and a little bit about running towards what is good.’

‘A short-sighted, short-heighted musician currently reading a book about birds and listening to a lot of Leo Stannard.’ The simple opening sentence Ruby Gill describes herself with is spot on- it’s simple, but it says a lot. It leaves much to the imagination. Much like the melancholic music Ruby is fast gaining recognition for.

Ruby was dropped off at piano lessons when she was 4. “By the time I was 14 I had enough songs about windmills and boys to make a little demo album in a garage in Pietermaritzburg, so I did.”

Ruby’s played at Oppi Koppi, Splashy Fen, Lush, Smoking Dragon and more, making her one to watch this summer festival season.

Described by as Florence Welch (of Florence + The Machine) and Tori Amos, don’t let that mislead you though, Ruby’s carving her own brand of a multi-faceted songstress with haunting vocals and lyrics that linger long after the show is done.

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