Gender-Identity Based Bathroom Access In Federal Facilities Becomes Mandatory In The U.S

The Obama administration is set to pass a new regulation this week in the Federal Register, that will mandate that transgender people have access in federal facilities to bathrooms consistent to their gender identity.

This rule follows the guidelines the Obama administration passed in May that were designed to protect transgender students from discrimination in public schools.

The Justice Department has also called out North Carolina’s law (wherein a person is required legally to use the bathroom that corresponds with their birth gender), a violation of civil rights.

The new rule will guarantee transgender people correlating bathroom access in all federal buildings. Buzzfeed reports that this applies not only to government employees (over 1 million), but anybody who enters government facilities.

GSA spokesperson Ashley Nash-Hahn told BuzzFeed News: “This includes all kinds of Americans. We wanted to make clear that a person can use facilities that match their gender identity, and we think that’s a good thing.”