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Top 5 Asian Dating Peeves

Things to expect when dating an Asian, or as an Asian in the dating game. Oh if I had a dime...

Although half Asian, I too have been privy to the perils of being an Asian woman in the dating pool and to the obstacles of dating someone who is not Asian. Let’s not even start on the fact that being half Asian, doesn’t make someone completely Asian, from Asia, able to speak an Asian language and certainly doesn’t make them automatically complied to date full Asians.
But annnyyywaaay.
So here’s a few things I’ve come to expect when dating as an Asian woman or when you, um, are an Asian woman :
1) People will suddenly think its politically correct to say things like ‘asian persuasion’
Oh if I had a dime, though to be fair to Western ignorance (and that applies to anyone born into the western culture, regardless of race, Indian men, you especially I find) it does not limit itself to this instance. But in this instance, anyone who finds out you are dating an Asian will jokingly say something like ‘Asian persuasion, huh?’
2) ‘I didnt know you liked Asians’
Or they’ll say that.
Because god forbid you’re dating this person due to the fact that… I don’t know, you like them as a fucking person. God forbid they have any individual traits aside from being Asian.
Or actually any physical characteristics- like nice legs, killer cheekbones, or a nice smile- aside from being Asian. Because we all look the same, right?
*Veers away from that bomb*
3) ‘I’ve never been with an Asian chick before’
The utter ignorance, the sheer stupidity, the unsheathed pervertry.
An Asian fetish is perhaps one of the most common fetishes. Congratulations, in one phrase you’ve managed to completely objectify this woman, turned her into an easily replaced variable (because any Asian woman will do it for you) and mostly, made sure you will NEVER be with THIS Asian woman.
Shame on you sir.
Go indulge your superiority-based imagined right to ‘exotic’ (ugh) women, over there. Far, far away from me.

4) All the racist questions
Just the usuals, like ‘what does this tattoo mean’ (Uh, I don’t know I don’t speak Japanese, but I don’t see why I would because I’m half Taiwanese), ‘Ni hoa ma’ (but can you speak Manadarin? no? Then stop), or the winner ‘But where are you REALLY from?’ (Still Cape Town, buddy)- and once ‘Is it true Asian women are freaks in bed? ‘ (That guy never found out).
5) Her dad won’t like you
Unless you’re Asian. He might pretend he does, he might seem like he likes you. But deep inside he’s wondering why you can’t just be smarter, better with money, a doctor or extraordinarily gifted at playing an instrument… You know, why can’t you be more Asian?